History of Tennis


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While there is some debate as to the origins of tennis, historians generally concur that the crude origins of tennis took place in northern France during the 12th century.  Back then, the ball was struck with the palm of the hand and called, “jeu de paume,” meaning, “game of the palm.”  Louis X of France was extremely fond of this game, and he is considered to be the first individual to have a version of today’s modern tennis courts created indoors.  This indoor court design caught on and spread throughout Europe, and Louis X is widely considered to be the first tennis player in history to be known by name.  However, others debate that King Charles V of France was the first known player.

The development of tennis took some time, as it was not until sometime during the 16th century that the use of racquets became commonplace and they began to refer to the game by the name of tennis.  This name stems from a French term, “tenez,” which, when translated, means “hold,” “receive,” or “take,” which was a  commonly used term between players.  The game was extremely popular throughout England and France, but was primarily played indoors and the ball was hit off of the walls.  Despite the sport’s developments into the game we know today, the aforementioned version is known as, “real tennis.”

The game began to develop differently in various areas throughout Europe, and allegedly the game was begun in the U.S by socialites who, while on vacation, had witnessed British army officers play the game.  These socialites set up a tennis court at the Staten Island Cricket Club, which was ultimately the location of the first ever American National Championship of tennis, played in 1880.  Originally, different racquet clubs had different rules/standards for the game.  For example, in Boston, the ball used was larger than the tennis balls used in New York.  On May 21, 1881 the United States National Lawn Tennis Association, which has since become the United States Tennis Association, was created in order to lay out the standardized rules and regulations for the game.  The first U.S. National Men’s Singles Championship was held in 1881 in Newport, Rhode Island.

Tennis has come a long way since then, and is still an incredible, energetic game that is played all over the world.


Becoming a Lawyer


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For those who are interested in becoming an attorney and practicing in some certain field of law, there are certain things that you must consider prior to taking that leap.  Law School is a huge commitment and takes a great deal of time and energy.  Below are some of the things to carefully think about in deciding whether or not becoming a lawyer is the right decision for you.

Cost of Law School:  The debt that law school students face upon completing their Juris Doctorate is extremely high.  On average, law students graduate with debt of over $72,000, while those at other schools have reported have come away with $100,000 worth of debt or more.  Law degrees are extremely expensive, no doubt but the issue that comes along with this is the fact that having a law degree no longer insures that you will have a more than comfortable socio-economic status.  Expense is the first thing to consider in looking to become a lawyer.

Time Consumed with Education:  Attending law school full time will take three years, which you can only attend in the first place if you have earned a bachelor’s degree.  Not only will you have to attend classes with a great deal of outside study required, more often than not there will be internships required, law journals to participate in, and other time commitments related to law school that will make free time for simultaneous employment elsewhere virtually impossible.

Public Speaking:  Being a lawyer not only requires dedication, long hours, and a lot of study time, but also a great deal of face-to-face interaction.  As a lawyer, you should feel confident in your abilities to speak on information and facts to large groups of people.  Between meetings, speaking with prospective clients, the courtroom, depositions and so on, lawyers do a great deal of interaction with others.  If this is not something you can see yourself doing on the day-to-day, perhaps becoming a lawyer is not the right path for you.

These are just a few of the main components of becoming a lawyer.  To see more that you might want to take into consideration before beginning your journey into law school, please have a look here.

Fast Food Creations Around The Globe


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This is the summary of the article, “12 Over the Top International Fast-Food Items,” written by Dan Myers. To read the full article click here.

Signature foods vary from country to country. Therefore, fast food chains have to alter their menus to reflect the eating habits of various cultures in order to make money. Some of the crazy concoctions that are released, are well worth some attention.

In Indonesia, it is common for people to enjoy a cheese covered donut for breakfast. Kentucky Fried Chicken took notice of this and added a glazed donut topped with Swiss and cheddar cheese to their menu.  

The UK introduced cheeseburger pizza quite some time ago. Cheeseburger pizza is just a regular pizza topped with ground beef and American cheese. Pizza Hut decided to take this to the next level and introduced a pizza where the crust was made out of mini cheeseburgers.  

The Burger Kings in Japan recently added a rather aggressive item to the menu – the Black Ninja Burger. This burger has a burger patty, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, a hash brown patty, and one giant piece of bacon, all inside a black bun. Apparently, the burger was crafted to resemble a ninja with his tongue sticking out. Well, they win points for creativity.

Subways in Japan have Sausage and Barbecue Subs on the menu. This sub includes a long sausage topped with barbeque sauce.

During the holidays, Krispy Kremes in the UK release a Mince Pie Donut. These donuts used to include meat, fruit and spices, but today most of these donuts are meat-free.

The Crazy Cheesy Bacon Crust Pizza is a stroke of genius. This menu was introduced to the Pizza Hut menu in Puerto Rico. There is a ring of tiny pizzas along the crust. These tiny pizzas are topped with a bit of bacon.

Another crafty Pizza Hut creation was released in Singapore for the holidays. The bottom pizza had a stuffed crust and was topped with chicken pepperoni and bell peppers, and the little pizza on top of it was topped with rolls of turkey ham and Edam cheese, tomatoes, zucchini, and mango mayonnaise.

While all these uniquely crafted foods are tempting, they most likely will not make their way to the states anytime soon.

Similarities Between Tennis and NASCAR


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This article is a summary of, “How Tennis Is Becoming More Like NASCAR,” written by Merlisa Lawrence Corbett. To read the full article, click here.

On the surface, professional tennis and NASCAR could not seem more different. Tennis requires a player, a racquet and a ball; NASCAR requires a driver, and a stock car.

But when one delves beneath the act of playing the sport itself, the two become more alike.

One major similarity between the two is individual sponsorships. Sponsorships have always been a huge part of NASCAR. Players start to become associated with the brands, such as Jeff Gordon and Dupont. Recently, tennis players  have joined this sponsorship bandwagon. Professional tennis players are usually representing two to four brands every time they step on the court. When Li Na won the 2014 Australian Open, she accepted her trophy while sporting a Nike shirt with a Mercedes Benz logo. People should definitely expect to see more brands associated with professional tennis players in the future.

Each player has their own team as well. NASCAR drivers have their pit crews, and tennis players have their coach, trainer, physical therapist, and psychologist.

The sports both have a points system that allows qualifying athletes to compete in competitions at the end of each year. In professional tennis, these competitions are known as Year End Championships. In NASCAR, if an athlete qualifies, they will be competing in the Race for the Cup.

Both NASCAR and professional tennis have a few stand out athletes that receive most of the attention. Players like Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Maria Sharapova and drivers like Jeff Gordon, and Jimmie Johnson are the ones who are featured in commercials, and get the best sponsorships. Often times, other athletes struggle to afford travel expenses.

The two sports really start their season with one main event. The Australian Open acts as an unofficial beginning to the new tennis season just as the Daytona 500 marks the beginning of the NASCAR season.

Another similarity between the two is – the season seems to last all year. In fact, the WTA tour lasts from January to October. This is similar in NASCAR. When one season ends, the next season begins. Many fans and players find the length of these seasons excessive.

All Golfers Should Exercise Regularly


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The following post is a summary of the article, “Should Golfers Do Strength Exercise?” by Wayne L. Westcott PhD on Healthy.net. To read the full article or learn more about the topic, click here.”

Golfers should be proactive in regards to their physical fitness. A regular exercise routine can improve a golfer’s performance and reduce his/her risk of suffering from an injury.

 Golf injuries occur often, for both professionals and amateurs. A recent study showed that over the course of two years, 60% of professional golfers and 40% of amateur golfers had suffered from golf related injuries. Golf injuries occur when the player: lacks flexibility, is not well conditioned, has a poor swing, or is playing quite frequently.

Strength training, stretching, and increasing stamina can all help reduce risk for injury and even improve one’s game.

The different muscle groups all serve certain purposes when it comes to playing the game of golf.  Legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteals) produce the power, which is then transferred to the core (spinal erectors, abdominals, obliques). The subsequent swinging action is directly related to the chest and arms (pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, deltoids, biceps, triceps, forearms). Golfers must also have strong neck muscles, because these muscles ultimately control head position and eye focus. Some fundamental exercises to train these muscles include: leg extension, leg press, leg curl, front plank, side plank, bench press, triceps kickbacks, and lateral raises.

Flexibility is key in golf. The muscles and joints of a golfer should be able to move without affecting one’s swing. The same muscles that are being strengthened should also be stretched.  In order to prevent injury, stretching should be performed after the muscles are warm, perhaps after a brief walk. Some effective stretches include the: side stretch, hamstring stretch, neck stretch, and the forearm and wrist stretch.

In order to maintain stamina on the course, improve overall health, and contribute to the success of strength training, golfers must partake in some form of cardio. All cardio is dependent on the ability of the player. Some basic types of cardio include: brisk walking, jogging, swimming and cycling.

Adopting a regular exercise routine of: strength training, stretching, and cardio can help a golfer tremendously. Improving overall physical fitness will not only help reduce injury, but it can improve performance as well.

New Film Recounts Tennis Match and the Fight for Women’s Rights


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The struggle for women’s rights was marked by several high points, but few could be considered as pivotal as a sporting event that took place in September 1973. This exhibition tennis match between the legendary Bobby Riggs and women’s champion Billie Jean King is the topic of a major motion picture that was recently released and is appropriately titled “Battle of the Sexes.”

The film features Steve Carell, known primarily as a comic actor, and Emma Stone, who is fresh off her win of an Academy Award for “La La Land” and is today the world’s highest-paid actress. In terms of their ages, the two stars are an almost exact match for the two athletes at the time, with 55-year-old Riggs facing off against 29-year-old King. However, Stone had to consume high-calorie protein drinks to gain the weight needed for her to physically resemble the tennis star.

Played in Houston, the match was seen by an estimated 50 million television viewers throughout the world. King took the match 6-4, 6-3 and 6-3, and also won the prize of $100,000. The movie recounts the game, the struggles of King, of women athletes and of women in general. King’s situation was not helped by the attitude of Riggs, who once stated that women belonged “in the bedroom and the kitchen,” adding that these responsibilities should be dealt with “in that order.”

Stone had little experience in the game of tennis and needed help from both King and professional coach Vince Spadea. King spent plenty of time discussing the basics of the game with Stone at the final women’s match of the U.S. Open and lauded the young actress for her “amazing” performance, which she said captured both her “essence” and her “vulnerability” when she was a young athlete. Stone noted that, in addition to being entertaining, King’s victory over Riggs had some positive effects on the issue of gender equality. The event also helped to promote the game of tennis in general.

The battle for equality has moved into other areas, with the emphasis today on equal opportunity and equal pay. Quoting a recent study, King noted that women are today less likely than men to me hired and promoted for their potential to be successful. Sexism is still present in the field of sports, with tennis star John McEnroe recently stating that women’s champion Serena Williams might be ranked 700th as a male player.

King emphasized that female superiority was never an issue, noting that women never claimed to be better at tennis than men. Women were superior, at least on that late summer day in 1973.

Airports to Avoid This Holiday Season


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There is nothing quite like the stress of travelling during the holidays. Add in the anxiety of air travel and you could be stressed before you even reach the front door of your holiday destination. One step in combatting this stress is choosing the best airport to travel from and avoiding the worst. The following three rank very low when it comes to the holiday travel experience.

LaGuardia New York Airport

On a regular travel day at LaGuardia, crowded and stranded travelers often pace the terminals as there is inadequate gate seating, a lack of power outlets and even a lack of restrooms. Escape Here explains that at Christmas time this gets even worse and as the bad weather often hits, the runways become congested leaving passengers trapped in the airport. Try using a smaller, local airport instead of LaGuardia during the holidays.

O’hare International Airport

Airhelp.com explains that O’Hare is frustrating any time of year, in fact, many travel websites and experts will encourage you to avoid O’Hare at all costs. It only gets worse the closer it gets to Turkey Day, so if you can, opt instead to fly out of Midway Airport and book a flight earlier in the day before the terminals start to become congested.

Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark might have a reputation for being a lesser-known New York-area airport, but it’s also the busier of the sibling airports during the holidays. Also, according to MileCards.com, the likelihood of having your flight cancelled over Thanksgiving or Christmas is more than twice as likely there than any of the other 50 busiest airports.

There is no place like home for the holidays, so if you want to arrive on time and in a pleasant mood, avoid using Laguardia, O’hare and Newark airports.